Our Projects

Education Support

   Emmanuel Devan Nammodu Trust Education Support provides careers education, information, advice and guidance to young people with special educational needs.
   We have a responsibility to track and monitor all young people which means that young people are likely to hear from us if they are not engaged in education, employment or training. We can provide young people with advice and information on the various opportunities available to them, such as school from, college, apprenticeship, employment and other training options.

Medical Support

   Emmanuel Devan Nammodu Trust provides free primary medical diagnosis, treatments and medicine to the required individuals and families Trust.
   We has been helping poor and needy families with healthcare support since inception especially in the area of Medical operation, general treatment, Cataract Operation and Blind people support to very poor and needy individuals and families struggling to meet and pay their medical treatment and medicine cost bills.

Income Generating Project

Income generating projects allow autonomy and self-sufficiency. Our Income Generating Activities provide transferable skills and create earning opportunities for poor families in Gondar.
   The Emmanuel Devan Nammodu Trust promotes the empowerment of local people, believing that people are best helped if they help themselves. For this reason, community members are encouraged to initiate entrepreneurial projects enable them to generate their own income in a sustained manner. In this way, people can strengthen their capacity, promote independence and foster local economic growth.

Old Age Well Fair Support

   Senior citizens are the forgotten members of our society. We support senior citizens for their nursing, caring and health related issues to ease them through this last part of their life.
   In a country of rapidly increasing elder population and subsequent growing concerns to ensure that their later years are lived with economic & social security and dignity, we start tracking senior citizens who are not supported by their families and who have worked hard all their lives but did not have any pension facility, and provide monetary support to them.
   Emmanuel Devan Nammodu Trust supports financially to assist orphanage and also support by installing necessary equipments like fans, beds, pillows, dress for childrens etc.

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